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24 December
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Hey! My name is Lindsay! I'm 15 and I live in Florida. I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses. (Well, not baptized yet, but I'm working on it!) I'm really into music and writing. I guess that's it? Okay thanks love ya bye!
3 doors down, a fine frenzy, a.f.i, abba, air supply, alanis morissette, alicia keys, alivia biko, aly & aj, amy grant, angelspit, anything by sarah dessen, ashlee simpson, atc, avril lavigne, b*witched, backstreet boys, bambee, barlowgirl, black eyed peas, bow wow, bowling for soup, bravehearts, britney spears, caedmon's call, cara dillon, cascada, casting crowns, celine dion, celtic woman, cher, chris brown, christina agulera, clannad, colbie caillat, creamy, david crowder band, death cab for cutie, destiny's child, dolly parton, dr. bombay, elvis, evanesence, fall out boy, fleetwood mac, fort minor, going out in service, gorillaz, green day, gwen stefani, hayley westenra, inkubus sukkubus, jars of clay, jeannie ortega, jehovah, jennifer lopez, jeremy camp, jessica simpson, jet, jewel, johnny cash, jojo, jonathon coulton, jordyn taylor, joss stone, kanye west, kate voegle, katharine mcphee, kelly clarkson, kenny chesney, kingdom hall, kt tunstall, lacuna coil, lee ann womack, lily allen, lindsey haun, linkin park, madonna, mandi perkins, matilda, metallica, michael w. smith, michelle branch, mike jones, moya brennan, mudvayne, my chemical romance, n*sync, natasha bedingfield, nelly furtado, newsboys, nickleback, night at the museum, odd girl out, open season, outkast, ozzy osbourne, panic! at the disco, papa roach, paramore, pat benetar, pink, pink floyd, plazma, puddle of mudd, queen, raffi, reading, reba mcentire, rihanna, rob thomas, ryan cabrera, s club 7, sanctus real, sarah connor, sarah mclachlan, saving jane, seether, shakira, shawn mcdonald, sheryl crow, simple plan, soulja boy, spice girls, stacie orrico, steven curtis chapman, stevie wonder, stir of echoes, t-pain, the bible, the darkness, the english beat, the pipettes, the rolling stones, third day, three days grace, tiggy, tokio hotel, tom waits, trace adkins, train, twila paris, usher, wednesday 13, writing, x-ray spex, young guns, young people ask