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Jan. 29th, 2010 @ 06:20 pm CUH-RAZY DAY
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1st period:
2 guys from the National Guard came to speak to us. One reminded me of Forrest Gump. I didn't really like the other one. He seemed kind of insincere to me. Uh...I got a free lanyard? Oh, and Mrs. Rollins was dressed like a marching band leader.

2nd period:
We read TOTC, took a quiz, and...died a bit more inside. Oh, and...er....
Mrs. Putman's entering a poem I wrote in the contest thingy.
*is excited*
I'm surprised I didn't get in trouble for it, though. Cuz it's basically just saying the school board sucks.

4th period:
I finished my work, including what he'd assigned for next class. *is an overachiever* I actually talked to people today, which is a huuuuge deal. Only half the class was there, though. It was weird.

6th period:
It's changed to Personal Fitness now. For the first 3 weeks, we're learning about CPR and such. Today we covered what to do if someone's choking. (Heimlech)
I think I got it figured out...
1. Ask them if they're choking.
2. Tell them to cough.
3. Ask if you can help them.
4. Get behind them.
5. Bend them over.
6. Hit them on the back for five times.
7. Hug them around the middle for five times.
8. Repeat until a) the object is forced from the throat b)the person can breathe normally c) the person goes unconcious

YEah....that sounds about right.
We're being certified in molestation.

Hanging with Alex ( <3) at noon tomorrow, then (hopefully) hang with Elise at 630. :)
wooo I has a social life. Kinda...lolz
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Jan. 15th, 2010 @ 09:38 pm Ninja Blog
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Just finished my IIT exam. Mrs. Rollins said we were allowed to go on the Internet if we wanted to when we finished. So, here I am.
I am really really bored. I'm just gonna keep typing for a while.
The clock on the computer is wrong. It's not 9:20 PM! It's 8:35 AM! OMG big difference!
Bored. Bored. Bored.
Yesterday, I stood in an ant pile, but didn't realize it until they started biting me. I literally had "ants in my pants". It was...uncomfortable.
I walked behind aloofbelle and her boo during the class change this morning. Would have said hi, but they looked like they were having one of those "mushy couple moments" so I left her alone. (hahahahaha)
So bored.
Going to history after this. Review woo!
Then going to Geometry. Review boo!
Then English. Exam. Die. :p
Gran's picking me up today (hopefully mom reminded her anyway...)
I've never blogged in school before. Teehee I feel like a rebel.
Emili brought donuts for history today. So did Natalie. That's a lot of donuts. (i can't eat any, of course. Soup diet=nothing but soup.)
Kill. Me. Now.
I might delete this post when I get home. This is literally the dumbest thing I've ever posted on here. lolz
IIT exam was soooooooooooooo easy. I <3 this class.
Caley works in the library third period. I wonder if she has to take an exam for that?
Regis has become a major DB. He was cool last year and I maybe kinda liked him, but now he's just a jerk, acting like he's so BA cuz he has a mohawk now and he lost 50 lbs.
I wonder what Mr. Jenkins would look like with a mohawk. (And I mean history teacher Mr. Jenkins. Not the administrator.)
Funnily enough, if I weren't near a computer, I'd just be writing this stuff in my defective notebook. (I'll post a pic of it later. It's hee-larious.)
I shouldn't be left alone in my own head for this long.
If you're still reading this, you deserve a cookie for perserverance. (Didn't spell that right. I don't care.)
I'm so bored.
Mason fell asleep on his test.
I'm gonna fail my Chemistry exam. I just know it. I'm pretty sure I'll do better in Geometry than Chemistry, which is weird. Ugh. I'm such an idiot.
I wanna drink my Amp soooooo bad right now. But I'm saving it for later. I dunno how much later, though.
I can't believe I won't be in here for the rest of the week. That=suxxor!
So bored. So bored. So bored.
Mason's awake now. He still looks sleepy, though.
Why do we have to be here so early? Studies have proven that teenagers learn better in the afternoon. Are they wanting us to fail or something?!
Oy vey. I really have to pee. Curse my phobia of public restrooms. (And of the general public.)
Mason's asleep again. Wait no. His eyes are open. He's just resting.
Please don't tell me you're still reading this. Just ignore it, seriously. I'm just rambling.
This is exactly like a conversation with me. I never stay on the same subject. Butterflies!
I'm so bored.
I don't wanna go to the Meeting tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!
I spent most of last night throwing up, and I still feel like cuh-rap. Ugh.
Now Mason's asleep. I can hear him snoring.
Gonna stop for now.
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Jan. 14th, 2010 @ 07:20 pm I! AM! MUSTACHIO!
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1st period:
We are supposed to "make our vocabulary words" come to life. So, I'm making a powerpoint with Frankenstein's monster saying the words. XD Yeah, that's right. lolz Mrs. Rollins exploded today, and she's going to NYC tomorrow. Bon voyage!!!!!!! Auf wiedershien! Aloha!

3rd period:
We took notes on Muslim developments in Art and Science-y stuff, but kept going back to the tongue-in-cheek topic: "Japan schools PWN USA schools". The history book proves this, as there is a list of school regulations from a Japanese middle school (including "Boys' hair may not touch their eyebrows, ears, or collar" and "No one's hair may have a permanent wave"). Due to the latter, we have concluded that Emili, my curly-haired friend, is screwed if she ever wants to go to school in Japan. Then we had a firedrill.
Mr. Jenkins was wearing yellow pleated pants. YPP. I was distracted most of class.

5th period:
We studied some kind of Chemistry thing. (Go figure lolz) I understood it, though, which is good. Mrs. Rodriguez mentioned the "One of these things is not like the other" song from Sesame Street, which resulted in me having it stuck in my head the rest of the day. :P

7th period:
I failed a quiz, finished my study guide, and started correcting it. I missed 51 out of 167. I guess that isn't too bad. I also gave someone a juice box. Don't ask. :)Oh, wait. I should put this in French, shouldn't I?
J'ai échoué un jeu, ai terminé mon guide d'étude, et ai commencé à le corriger. J'ai manqué 51 sur 167. Je devine qui n'est pas trop mauvais. J'ai également donné à quelqu'un une boîte à jus. Ne demandez pas. :)Ah, attente. Je devrais mettre ceci en français, n'est-ce pas?

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Jan. 11th, 2010 @ 02:58 pm He will do social work for the city if they wish
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So, first off, I'd like to apologize in advance to everyone I come into contact with for a while. I may seem a bit off, depressed, sick, scared, etc. The reason is quite simple: I went to a very bad website and saw some pictures I shouldn't have that made me very sick and disturbed. I won't give too much detail, but here are some examples: amputated hands (including the amputation process), murder victims, exhumed half-mummified bodies, and an old man who boiled himself to death. Needless to say, I'm having a bit of trouble getting used to the fact that these images are now permanently in my mind, and there's no way to get them out. Be patient with me, okay?

On a lighter note, I hade a strange dream last night. It involved Yiddish-speaking bananas at a rock concert, a mosh pit with carrots, electric toilets, and everyone having a mustache. I fail to see the symbolism in this.


1st- We did timed typings and such. The subject of this blog is one of the sentences we had to practice. Another was "Eight of the men may go to the city for the audit." DOn't ask.

2nd- We've started A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. We read the entire class. I didn't talk to anybody, due to trying to maintain a bit of sanity. IDK if Elise is mad at me or not. We didn't even make eye contact. Oh, and Cade tried to adopt Mrs. Putman's heater. IDK...

4th- Dooley wasn't there, so we had a sub who ended up flirting with all the prettier girls in the class (Mary, Brittney, Danielle, etc.) It was kind of gross. Also, during lunch (which I had that period) I started/finished Invisible by Pete Hautman. It was...interesting.

6th- Last class we did a poster, and today we were supposed to present it. My partner wasn't there, so I ended up doing it alone. I only said about half the information. The rest of it was lost in stuttering and "um"s. After class, I found out my zipper had been down the whole time. Surprisingly, I didn't die from embarrassment like I wanted to...Ugh.

I also realized my like is incredibly dull. Nobody actually reads this. Why does it matter?

Good websites for you non-existent readers:
averagewizard.com (For Harry Potter fans)
mylifeistwilight.com (For *barf* Twilight fans.)

Do not, I repeat DO NOT go to any website with the word "rotten" in the name. It will most likely scar you for life.
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Jan. 7th, 2010 @ 04:59 pm Who is Jimmy? And is "Cracking corn" some kind of sexual reference?
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1st period:
Same as before, but colder. Mrs. Rollins was a polar bear today. Mason killed zombies. I read MLIA's most of the class (after I did my work of course.)Apparently, there is a 7-11 in the closet.

2nd period:
I gave Mrs. Putman a book. She gave me a thank you card. We are starting "Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens. I got a very ripped up book. Mrs. Putman noticed and was like, "Do you want to get a newer one, honey?" and I said "No, ma'am. This one spoke to me." and then she just sorta...looked at me. Then Ciara was like "Don't worry this is normal for her." (About me lolz) I got Ciara a book, too: "How To Date A Vampire". She said I was crazy. I said I knew, thanks. We also peer edited our essays. Topic: Favorite song? Why? Expository. Mine? "Rock Around The Clock" by Billy Haley and His Comets.
It's a good song!

4th period:
Mr. Dooley: Bad day, kids. Bad day.
Yeah, he was right. 8 out of 24 of his class books have gone missing, so from now on we'll be taking notes instead of reading the book. Bleh. He talks so fast and his handwriting is...scary. Oh, well. I hope those books get found soon, though. He seemed kinda sad. :(

6th period:
Made a poster about feeding a baby with Anna K. Twas fun, I spose. Bleh.

Bonus! After school:
Went to see Kate (the therapist of awesome) today. She agrees/sympathizes/has a rubber chicken.
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Jan. 6th, 2010 @ 03:44 pm Haven't posted in a while....
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1st period:
We done did some work (vocabulary of course) to review for the semester exams. Mrs. Rollins offered kisses to people who finished. Everyone freaked out. Then we saw she meant Hershey kisses, like the candy. Still, almost everyone was so freaked out that they didn't take them. (Apparently scared that Mrs. Rollins was gonna try to plant one on 'em.) Mrs. Rollins rocks. lolz

3rd period:
We did section 6-2, which talked about more stuff involving Arabs, Islam, and other fun stuff like that. Somehow, I think because Mr. Jenkins was saying AIR-ihb and Todd was saying AY-rab, a pronounciation debate was struck. Words argued: Tomato/TomAHto (tomato), Machure/Ma-too-er (mature), Pee-can/Pihcahn (Pecan). So, after that, we got back on track. Then we started talking about terrorism (yeah, so PC right?) and racial profiing, and Mr. Jenkins said that some people were thinking about putting in X-ray machines in airports that could see through your clothes (like, to the nudeypants and everything). And someone, gee I don't know who (coughMEcough) wolf-whistled. Everyone laughed. I love World History. :)

5th period:
Mrs. Rodriguez had her Christmas lights still up, but for Three Kings Day. She explained it. It was cool. :) Then we reviewed for the test on Friday which I'm SO GOING TO FAIL! D:

7th period:
Madame Symmes said that we had all better invite her to our weddings when we got married. I said I would be happy to, but I was going to be a nun and therefore would never have a wedding. My friend Jordan pointed out that I'm not Catholic. I told her that this was just an obstacle I'd have to face.

So, yeah. Good day today. :)
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Nov. 21st, 2009 @ 05:55 am Jehovah's Witnesses Never Sleep...
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Circuit Assembly this weekend...Ugh. I love it, but I just wish we didn't have to wake up so early. On BOTH days. :P Bleh. It starts at, what, 8? 830? IDK...I'll post some pics later. Seriously, though...Ugh.
I have to go make the lunches now. Mom was gonna do it, but she "forgot". I swear, she's always ragging on me, like "be prepared, don't forget things, be proficient" and yet she can't even bring herself to make two sandwiches and stick em in the fridge. FML
Sorry. I'm cranky. It's early. I have a migraine.
Well, I'm off! (My rocker.)
Stay tuned...
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Nov. 19th, 2009 @ 02:59 pm I am QUANTA MAN!
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Today, well, er....

was weird.

A rep. from the Air Force came to talk to zee class today. He seemed very nice and said he was Filipino, but I dunno if I really believed him. He looked too white. (Er...Yeah.) But his accent kinda proved it, so...I suck. Happy?

We took notes, Emili got an award for being a frickin genius, and Mr. Jenkins (SR) was latelatelate to school. Apparently, his wife left her keys in his car, and he lives about an hour away from the school. She called him when he was pulling into the parking lot and was like "Geez I lost my keys mann check ya car!" so he checked and there they were, so he drove all the way back and gave them to her. Then when he was coming BACK to school, he got stuck behind a la-dee-da mommy in a minivan taking her kid to school and driving under the speed limit. (At this point in his story, a vein started pulsing on his forehead and I got scarededed.) But, he made it school in time for 3rd period, so woo-hoo! (Mr. Jenkins rocks.) Oh, and the Romans were some crazy SOB's. 'Specially Nero and Caligula. :) Amen.

We did a project, worked on an in-class lab, and got chastized for talking too much. (Well, obviously I didn't, being part-mime and all. But...yeah.)

Turned in my project (a diamante poem...It looked swell.) then took a test. Apparently, the sub from last class left a "horrendous report" (according to Mme. Symmes, to which Chelsea replied "Is that bad?" and everyone just sort of looked at her...) Oh! So, guess what happens when I actually focus on my work instead of blowing it off? That's right: I miss a lot of stuff that's going on right in front of me.
A summary of the sub-day on Tuesday:
1) A girl named Jordan was absent, so this other girl snuck in her friend "Red", and "Red" pretended she was Jordan. All class.
2) Rasheem actually did his work.
3) Steven sexually harrassed this other girl (Karitza, I think?) but Rasheem got written up for it because the sub was old and senile and couldn't tell the difference (!) between them... (FYI: Rasheem= tall, bald black boy with a semi-squeaky voice. Steven= short, pasty white boy with brown/black hair and a deeper voice with a Southernish drawl.

All in all, one of my weirder days.

Oh! And, at lunch: (Well, the library, since that's where I've been going during lunch lately) Caley got stuck in line at the cafeteria, so I was sitting at an empty table and some random hot guy comes up and asks if I minded if he sat at my table and I was like "No" in the most intelligent way possible (IE: Drooling and stuttering).
Yeah, it was cool.
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Nov. 3rd, 2009 @ 02:31 pm Je deteste moi.
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Ughh.. I feel like crap. IDK why. Just do. :(
1st- Nothing else to do, so I just did some more reasearch on JCC and welding.
3rd- Took a test/wrote an essay. Died a little bit inside.
5th- Did a lab involving fire. Pretty cool. Did some chem. equations.
7th- Listened to four reports and took notes on etre commands. (Just picture the little triangle-thing over the first "e" in "etre".)

So not looking forward to tomorrow. Why? Child Development is why.
I hate that class, I really do. It's not the teacher the actual subject or anything, and most of the kids are okay. It's just...I'm literally the only one in there who doesn't have a BFF to chat with/sit with. I'm the only loser. I'm the reject; the one you look at and think "What a freaking loser. She's so pathetic."
This class makes me want to die.
And I hate being so stupid in there too. I just pick an open seat. DB that I am, I never remember that it's probably someone else's seat. No wonder I'm such a screw up in there.
I can't begin to describe just how badly I want to skip this class. It's not like Mrs. Elson would notice anyway. I'm nobody. I doubt she even knows my name.

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Nov. 2nd, 2009 @ 02:49 pm She blinded me with...English Honors 2- Putman
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Interesting.............. aduh
So, like OH-EMM-GEE!
Today started off semi-normally. Went to first period. Did nothing due to being done with everything. (Wow, that sounds so profound...teehee) Turns out Saturday was Halloween...Did ya'll know that? I had no idea...Couldn't figure out why those little jits kept knocking on my door while I was sacrificing virgins studying. Anyway, Mrs. Rollins got a kick out of that when I told her. Yeah, that's just so funny, isn't it? Hahahahano. :p

So, then came second period (ENGLISH 2 HONORS! *insert dramatic music here*) Boring mostly. We took a test on Literary terms (bombed it) and then got chewed out for being slackers (deserved it) and watched part of the movie-version of A Seperate Peace (loved it). Excitement prevailed, however, when this dude Cade(sp?) just happened to mention that he'd looked up the movie and seen it was rated R. This made Mrs. Putman pretty much, er, explode. "Why would you joke like that, Cade? You know I'm sensitive about those things! i could lose my job because of that! That's like a slap in the face!" and she got all red. I wanted to hug her. And give her some Prozac. :) (No worries, though. It's rated PG. Cade was just being a DB.) Anyway...during the movie, I sneezed. My eyes watered, so I rubbed them. Somehow, this caused my left contact to come out. And fall on the floor. And become lost. :'( So I was half blind all day.

Geometry was bleh. I admit I'm not nearly as terrified of Mr. Dooley as I was at the beginning of the year. I actually think of him as an actual human now, and not a scary ogre who is gonna steal my soul. *needs sleep* Felt like a DB all class, though, because I kept my left eye closed the whole time so's I could see. I felt like Popeye. :)
Watched something about conjoined twins in Child Development. Again, felt like a DB due to the eye thing, as well as the fact that I accidentally took this girl's seat because I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. God, sometimes I really hate how much of a freaking moron I can be. And she kept shooting me these looks all class period, like "I hate you you DB" and I wanted to crawl into a corner and die. (Nothing new there.)

So, after school, I went to Guidance to get a form for the D.A.T.A course, so's that I can gets me my permit. Then I went to go say "Bonjour" to Madame Symmes. We had a laugh about the contact thing, and then some boy who was also in there asked if I'd gone to Blakefor Middle School, and I said "oui" and he said "you were my partner in TV Pro" and I was like "GDSMF!" because I realized why he looked so familiar.
It was Robert.
We were partners in TV Pro when I was in eighth grade (he was in seventh). We dated for like a week, then he totally screwed me over. So afterwards, we kinda sorta split the partner thing and more or less hated each other from then on. I remember he sent me a message on myspace a little bit afterwards, acting all innocent/racist. ("Why'd you leave and be someone else's partner. Now I'm stuck with some dumb Mexican.")
So yeah...I kinda cussed him out for that, racism being one of the few things that grinds my gears.
I did not just say that.
Yes, I did.
"Grinds my gears".
I gotta stop hanging with Granny...
Dagnabbit. :)

Do I really look like a happy person today?
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