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Mar. 5th, 2010 @ 02:52 pm Run, run!
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This is Lindsay.
See Lindsay blog.
Blog, Lindsay, blog!!!!

Did not go to shool today due to falling last night and making my knee be bruised and scraped and hurtful and owwww.

Still hurts.

And Sparticus attacked my hand/wrist this morning, so it now looks like I thumbwrestled a wet cat. Funn.

So, apparently my blog scares people?

I have never once said I am suicidal.
Never once have I said anything along the lines of:

"Hey my name is Lindsay and some day I'm gonna kill myself!!!!!!111!!!!".   *feel the sarcasm*

You guys are delusional.

I have a good life and awesome friends.

Just because I give a little emo rant now and then does NOT mean I'm gonna be hari kari the next day!


I wish there was an emoticon for "Just emo-ranting. I'll be fine in a couple minutes. Just ignore this."

What would it be?



...or something.



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