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Mar. 3rd, 2010 @ 01:34 pm Blehh
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1st- Practiced FCAT. The guy who sits next to me kept bad mouthing Mrs. Rollins. In my head I was yelling at him "Shut up you jerk!" but of course I couldn't do it out loud. *is a wimp*

2nd- Took and might've actually passed the final ATOTC test! Also did more FCAT practice. Then at the end of class I almost jumped over my desk. I was facing the door and Mrs. Putman somehow ended up behind me. So she said something and I completely freaked out. Fun. Yeah.

4th- Did work.

6th- IDK cuz I didn't go. Gran checked me out.

For the reason/rant, look behind the cut.

Monday in Phys Fit, we had to run the perimeter of the school. As in, the GROUNDS of the school. As in by the fences. I, of course, being a total wimpninnyloser, got way behind everyone else. Not only did I get lost due to having NO FREAKING CLUE where the rest of the class had went, my vision went all wonky (like all the colors and shapes started getting fuzzy.). However, I did FINALLY find the class. However, there were less than 15 minutes left in the period. (We started running about 20 minutes into the class.) Coach Collins told me to go to the benches, since it'd "be pointless for me to start the stations now with such little time left"). So there was the whole walk of shame from him to the benches (uphill woo) and people kept calling things to me, like "Nice running, fat ass!" and "Big Blue strikes again!"  *facepalms*

Anyway, this has led me to realize that I am pathetic. I couldn't even run enough to keep up with an old guy! What a useless lump of flesh I am, ya know? I mean, seriously? I'm such a freaking disgrace. What's the point of me being here if I can't even do something that simple?!

So now Mom's all freaking out about it. I was crying when I got home. I told her it was because of what the people had been saying. That was only part of it. The majority of what was wrong is:
I am disgusted with myself.
I deserved everything they said to me. Every insult, every single blow. That's what I get for being like this.

Also, didn't go to school yesterday because of this as well. Too afraid that the kids on the bus (majority of which are in my phys fit class) would make fun of me. I wouldn't put it past them.
Spent most of yesterday crying my ugly face off. :p

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